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Advanced Flash Management

Although common SSD features, such as wear-leveling and TRIM may be supported by client-grade SSD’s, Viking Technology enterprise class SSDs and embedded flash product line support advance features that ensure the performance, reliability and security of its drives under the most extreme of workload scenarios and environments.

Viking Technology advance flash management features encompass several aspects ranging from write amplification, enabling faster write speeds, to protecting both data paths and drive life. These advance features are key to the support of our OEM partners to ensure a reliable, more robust and complete system solution.

Another, performance enhancing flash management feature of Viking Technology’s enterprise SSDs is Write Gathering.  The drive gathers small block random writes and converts them into a single large block transfer to the flash greatly maximizes write performance while reducing background housekeeping processes know as garbage collection.  

Other advance features include:
•  Self Encryption (AES-128  or AES-256)
•  S.M.A.R.T. command transport (SCT) technology
•  Power-throttling for lower overall SSD power consumption
•  Protection against catastrophic flash page and block failures using
   RAISE (Redundant Array of Independent Silicon Elements)


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