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Solid State Drive Technology

In an industry where smaller, faster and more reliable is better, it can be a complex feat of engineering to design these innovative and intuitive computing systems that deliver both speed and capability in the right package for the customer. With a variety of new products on the market ranging from 2.5” or 1.8” HDD form factors to small industrial flash storage cards such as Compactflash cards and USB flash modules, the system’s engineer can be overwhelmed with solution possibilities. Like many different designers, we need to find the right solution for the right application and with all the variety, it can become complex.

With the engineer in mind, Viking Technology specializes in offering a wide range of SSD form factors, from the standard HDD sizes to the more innovative embedded board-level products. Our flash drives can deliver both high transfer and transaction performance with all capacities that ranges from the industry’s largest capacity drive to the smallest embedded products. SSD’s are quickly replacing hard drives as a storage medium for today’s applications when performance and reliability are of the highest consideration. With these considerations, Viking has enabled every product with advanced security and flash management as well as the performance that is required.

Viking Technology SSDs serves industry such as enterprise, embedded, industrial and military. Within these markets Viking serves applications such as:

•  Blade Servers, Rack servers, Storage arrays
•  Tablet PC, Rugged/Mobile PCs/Laptops
•  Network Cache Appliances, Telco Switches
•  Event Recorder, Solid State Recorders (SSR)
•  Military/Aerospace Computers and Instrumentation
•  UAV/UGV, Robotic Systems
•  Single Board Computers (SBC), Vending machines
•  Display systems, Video on Demand (VOD)
•  Point of Sales (POS), Kiosk, Digital Signage

Our OEM customers can rely on Viking to help integrate SSD’s into their storage architecture.

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