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Providing high quality Solid State Drives (SSDs), Flash and DRAM modules is at the core of Viking Technology’s value to our OEM customers. We offer world-class product quality analysis, reliability testing and validation. We strive to exceed even the most stringent of industry and customer requirements, certifying that each product can meet the highest levels of performance, security and reliability every time.

Viking Technology’s manufacturing and test engineers are engaged at every step of the design and manufacturing process; ensuring that from concept to production, every product will be designed for both testability and manufacturability. In addition, we provide our customers a full range of capabilities including customized test, in system testing and integrating that specific test solution onto the manufacturing floor.

DRAM Module

•  Configuration Verification
•  SPD Verification
•  Retention Verification
•  Speed and Temperature Verification
•  Customized Testing

Solid State and Embedded Flash Drives

The solid state and embedded flash testing requires a different set of techniques to provide maximum test coverage.
•  Performance Measurement
•  Voltage
•  Temperature
•  Speed
•  Power Fail Protection
•  System Level Testing
•  Burn-In Testing
•  Customized Testing

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