Viking Technology

DRAM Memory Stacking

Viking Technology’s 3rd Generation of Patented stacking, the VT-Stack™, enables OEM customers that are designing solutions with DRAM, NAND Flash or even next generation memory technologies such as MRAM, to optimize the performance and design cycle of their products.

Designing the highest density memory module solutions typically requires multi-die packaged DRAM (DDP or QDP). These multi-die packaged DRAMs have significant cost premiums, due to compound yield loss at test. Viking’s VT-Stack™ Technology allows for ultimate flexibility of configuration, lower cost of device, and most importantly supply chain flexibility.

VT-Stack™ Technology supports high density DIMMs for servers in enterprise markets, as well as small form factor solutions for telecommunication, embedded, and industrial markets.

Density Applications Value Benefits Power
Up to 128GB (DDR4 Modules) Embedded Products (uServer, Industrial PCs) Excellent Signal Integrity Enables Higher Density Designs Standard DDR4, DDR3, DDR2 power consumption
Up to 64GB (DDR3 Modules) AdvancedTCA, MicroTCA Excellent Thermal Properties Cost Efficient Design
Up to 16GB (DDR2 Modules) High Density SSD (Card, Module, Down-Board) Standard Reflow Manufacturing Process Faster TTM
Blade Servers Zero Compound Yield Loss Supports DDR4, DDR3, DDR2
Any Space Constrained OEM Design Stack Design Supports DRAM, Flash, MRAM
Supply Chain Flexibility
LRDIMM DDR4/DDR3 Up to 2666 MT/s Up to 128GB
RDIMM DDR4/DDR3 Up to 2666 MT/s Up to 128GB
VLP RDIMM DDR4/DDR3 Up to 2666 MT/s Up to 64GB
VLP MiniRDIMM DDR4/DDR3 Up to 2666 MT/s Up to 64GB
VLP SORDIMM DDR4/DDR3 Up to 2666 MT/s Up to 64GB


  • Faster Time to Market
  • Advanced SSD-specific SMART command support
  • Supply Chain Flexibility
  • Lead Time Improvements