Viking Technology


Viking Technology ParallelSSD is an embedded solid state drive (eSSD) solution designed and optimized for a wide range of embedded/industrial applications. The ParallelSSD leverages advance NAND technologies and most update to date NAND geometry (iTLC) to deliver the highest capacity drives in the densest BGA package (20mm x 16mm).

The ParallelSSD is built with embedded OEMs in mind, supporting standard PCIe SATA and legacy PATA interface with ultra reliability and security features such as Opal 2.0, Opalite 1.0, and Pyrite 1.0. The drive is optimized to enable high throughput transfer rates with optional embedded DRAM to enhance data storage efficiency and high random read/write IOPS.

End-to-End Data Path Protection
The Viking Technology ParallelSSD incorporates full data error detection with recovery engines to provide enhanced data integrity throughout the entire Host-to-NAND-to-Host data path. The ParallelSSD data recovery algorithm can effectively detect any error in the SSD data path, including hardware (i.e. ASIC) errors, firmware errors and memory errors arising in SRAM, DRAM or NAND.

Form Factor Size (mm) Interface NAND Support Controller Capacity Performance
BGA eSSD 16x20 SATA iMLC/iSLC/iTLC SMI (SM619GX) Up to 480GB Up to 550MB/s (Read) / 450MBs (Write)
BGA eSSD 16x20 PATA iMLC/iSLC SMI (SM601) Up to 64GB Up to 130MB/s (Read) / 100MBs (Write)
BGA eSSD 16x20 PCIe iMLC/iSLC/iTLC Toshiba p to 1TB Up to 1500MB/s


  • Very small footprint: Saves up to 80% board space vs. Standard 2.5in. SSD
  • Rugged: Soldered-down BGA eSSD
  • Ultra high NAND storage density per cu. in.
  • Commercial & Industrial (-40°C to +85°C) temperature range
  • Supports PCIe SATA & Legacy PATA interface
  • Security features: Opal 2.0, Opalite 1.0, and Pyrite 1.0
  • Remote firmware update available via secured digital signature
  • Cost saving with low density ParallelSSD, HDD are typically > 160GB capacity
  • Eliminate requalification cost from NAND generation change
  • LDPC ECC engine with Group Page RAID
  • Full End-to-End data path protection with recovery algorithms
  • IntelligentScan with DataRefresh for Data integrity enhancement
  • Support S.M.A.R.T. and advanced SSD Telemetry logging features
  • Plug & Play only requires format/fdisk prior to use