Viking Technology


Viking Technology NVDIMM is a DDR4 Non-Volatile DIMM, that delivers both performance and reliability to enterprise applications. This persistent memory module has been designed to be integrated into NVDIMM enabled servers via DDR4 DIMM sockets. Designed to preserve critical data in the event of a power or system failure. Viking Technology DDR4 NVDIMM enables the host system to recover from a failure event with simplicity and ease. Viking Technology NVDIMM comes in JEDEC or Viking Enhanced configurations.

Density Performance Reliability Environmental Power Dimensions
Up to 32GB Up to 12M IOPS (R) Unlimited DWPD (Endurance) 1000G (0.5ms), 50G (2ms) (Shock) Charged via Energy subsystems 133.35mm (L) x 3.95mm (W) x 31.25mm (H)
Up to 10M IOPS (W) PowerFail Protection (ESS Supported) 2.16 grams (5 ~ 700Hz) – 3 axis (Vibration)
2000MB/s (SR) 0ºC to 70ºC (Ctemp) (Operating Temp)
2000MB/s (SW) 80,000 ft (Altitude)
DDR4 (Interface) 10% to 80% (operating) (Humidity)
FCC, CE, TUV (Safety/Agency/Compliance)
Form Factor Interface Temp User GB Part Number Controller ESS Capacity
DDR4 NVDIMM (RDIMM) DDR4 0ºC to +70ºC 8GB Contact Sales Custom 8GB
DDR4 NVDIMM (RDIMM) DDR4 0ºC to +70ºC 16GB Contact Sales Custom 16GB
DDR4 NVDIMM (RDIMM) DDR4 0ºC to +70ºC 32GB Contact Sales Custom 32GB


  • JEDEC Standard DDR4 Interface
  • Customizable Energy Sub-System
  • Unlimited Write Endurance
  • 10 Year Data Retention
  • End-to-End RAS Coverage