Viking Technology

VT-PM8 & VT-PM16 Persistent Memory Drive

VT-PM drives, part of Viking’s persistent memory technology family of products, are 2.5″ U.2 NVMe PCIe Gen3 drives optimized to Enterprise-grade with Radian Memory System’s architecture technology. The VT-PM8 and VT-PM16 are persistent memory drives that deliver performance and unlimited write endurance similar to that of DRAM, while simultaneously providing the data persistency desired for enterprise applications.

Viking Technology’s VT-PM drives come with a U.2 NVMe PCIe interface offering enterprise OEMs the ease of deployment for persistent memory unseen in the market today. Alternative developments of persistent memory architecture utilizes NVDIMM technology, a non-volatile memory module that attaches to DDR4 memory sockets, which can limit configurations and utilization of persistent memory due to number of sockets. By enabling the VT-PM8 and VT-PM16 behind the industry-standard NVMe interface, OEMs are able to access the drive via normal block or programmed I/O (mmap) byte addressable accesses; without firmware or HW requirements.

Utilizes Radian Memory Systems technology

Capacity Form Factor Dual Port and Single Port Modes PCIe x4 Gen3
8GB, 16GB U.2 2.5” NVMe Dual Port 2x2 lane configuration or Single Port x4 lane configuration Compliant with PCI-Sig PCIe 3.0 Base specification
Length: 100mm, Height: 15.0mm, Width: 69.75mm
NVMe Engines Programmed I/O (PIO) Maximum Payload Size BIST and Health Monitoring
Supports NVMe command set, submission/completion queues and MSI-X vector interrupts Fixed BAR provides support for direct 4 byte addressable (dword) host access by mapping memory (mmap) into host PCI address space with configurable window size Configurable to 128B or 256B single packet size Provides OEMs the ability to monitor environmental status, component health, and log statistics for continuous product life cycle management
Field Upgradeable Firmware Updates Internal Supercapacitor Module Power Requirements (+12V rail) Supercapacitor Recharge Time
Mechanism for upgrading firmware in the field via host control (no drive removal necessary) Field replaceable assembly Typical Maximum: 13.5W at 40°C 38 seconds
Recharge Cycle: Up to 17W at 40°C with concurrent r/w operations
Weight Shock/Vibration ESD MTBF
.295 lbs. Operating: 5 G 1,500 volts, human body model 1M hours
Non-Operating: 10 G
Device Drivers
NVMe Linux 4.10 and above


  • 16GB/32GB Persistent Memory Drive
  • Lowest latency NVMe device regardless of queue depth
  • Internal super-capacitor system fully contained in single drive
  • NVMe (block) and byte addressable mmap access
  • Dual Port 2x2 or Single Port x4 mode
  • NVMe PCIe x4 Gen3 interface
  • 2.5” U.2 NVMe Drive form factor
  • Hot Swap, Live Insertion, Surprise Remove
  • OEM Lifecycle Monitoring Diagnostics