Viking Technology

Family of Storage Solutions

Viking Technology offers a wide portfolio of Flash & SSD storage solutions that come in a variety of form factors such as 2.5in, 1.8in, M.2, SlimSATA, mSATA, eUSB, USB FlashDrives, and custom build.

Viking Technology utilizes various NAND and Controller vendors to help insulate our customers against single NAND supply issues as well as price competitiveness. This also allows Viking Technology to provide the best form fit and function to each and every application.


With over 25 years of DRAM and Flash experience and expertise in supporting some of the world’s biggest OEMs, Viking Technology has extensive capabilities in supporting all markets from Enterprise to Embedded/Industrial to Military & Aerospace.

2.5 in.

Engineered for the highest levels of performance and reliability, Viking Technology 2.5in SSD come in several interfaces including SATA, SAS, or NVMe, all of which delivers best-in-class performance I/O intensive applications.

1.8 in.

Viking Technology's 1.8in. SSD showcases a high capacity drive in a smaller footprint best served for blade server and appliances needing high-performance with space saving requirements. The 1.8in. SSD comes in SATA III interface and support SLC and MLC NAND.


Viking Technology’s M.2 SSD Solid State Drive (SSD) is a high-performance, high-capacity flash solution optimized for the embedded and server market.


SlimSATA’s exclusive advanced controller features protection against normally catastrophic flash page and block failures, as well as data path CRC error detection for unparalleled data integrity.


Featuring intelligent write management techniques to optimize endurance, and offers a wide range of densities supporting MLC and SLC technologies.


Provides a rugged, reliable and cost effective non-volatile memory solutions for OEM customers in Communication, Networking, Embedded and
Industrial markets.

USB Thumbdrives

With removable capabilities and a standard USB 2.0/3.0 high-performance interface, the USB ThumbDrive is ideal for booth, image and other
storage usage.

SD, microSD Cards

Viking Technology Secure Digital Cards (SD) and microSD cards are powerful, highest capacity memory card that delivers maximum speed for performance, reliability, and security to the most demanding of embedded solutions.

These removeable cards are optimized for the embedded market with high-shock tolerance, high-temperature configurations, and ruggedization for extreme environments.