Viking Technology

Energy SubSystems (ESS)

Viking Technology NVDIMM’s are powered by an energy subsystem (ESS) which provides enough power to the module in an event of power-loss to safely store all mission critical data. These ESS come in a variety of standard form factors (2.5in), PCIe, FanBay and SuperCaps without casing. Viking Technology has the ability to customize ESS to fit customer’s open slot within any server/storage appliance.

Viking Technology energy subsystems are developed to last up to 5 years operating at 0°C to 60°C. Viking ESS can be customized to enable 1 ESS to 1 NVDIMM configuration up to 1 ESS to 4 NVDIMM configuration.

Configuration Form Factors Capacity Support Power Dimensions
1 to 1 NVDIMM 2.5 inch drive bay Up to 16GB (1:1 or 1:2) Up to 12V Charge 100mm x 70mm x 15mm (2.5in)
1 to 2 NVDIMM Matchbox 32GB (1:1) 100mm x 70mm x 9mm (2.5in)
Custom (1 to 4 NVDIMM) Fan Bay 70mm x 36mm x 16mm (Matchbox)


  • Supports up to 1:4 Configurations
  • Up to 5 year utilization @ 0°C to 60°C
  • Designed to charge up to 12V
  • Customization support
  • Standard & Custom design form factors